Wild Awakening: Female Leaders Mastermind

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Wild Awakening for Female Leaders is an exclusive 10-week mastermind group for powerful female leaders coming together for vision creation, leadership growth, intuitive development, creative expression, and entrepreneurship training.

This is for female entrepreneurs, creatives, authors, and women building their own path with a mission to create positive change in the world.

We will be exploring a whole new way of leadership and business that emerges the fullness of who you are in the world, with the tools and supportive community to bring your visions to life.

Now is the time to step into what we came here to do. The world needs our gifts more than ever.

Throughout this program we will explore the art of divine connection, the manifestation of prosperous visions, and soul-aligned purpose. 

We will explore: 

  • Awakening deeper intuitive abilities and connection to higher-self to guide our journey and creative projects with ease and pleasure  
  • Leadership and awakening soul purpose  
  • Manifestation principles and entrepreneurial mindset shifts that will support your visions by creating mind and soul alignment  
  • The process of business and giving your ideas form for impact and financial abundance  
  • Aligned and effective marketing and business strategies for growth and expansion  
  • Creative expression and wild awakening  
  • Supportive masterminding and sharing of the gifts from women in the group

"Joining this community has completely transformed my life. I never thought this dream lifestyle I wanted was possible. Since being a part of this community and the programs, within six months I quit my job and built my business to a full-time income. I now have complete freedom to be creative and work remotely. I am taking off to travel to Thailand and I am so excited for my future. I am beyond thankful for the support I received to follow my true calling. Thank you so much Danielle for being such a beautiful guide for me.” - Miranda M.

Ladies, this group is for you if:

  • You desire to feel more connected to your higher purpose and your inner divine support
  • You want to create more financial prosperity and alignment around your business and creative endeavors 
  • You feel you have something wanting to emerge but are not quite yet sure what it is and want to map it out and bring it into reality
  • You desire a supportive community of female leaders to support your growth
  • You are ready to fully step up into your leadership and share your gifts  

Mastermind Structure

Dates: Enrollment opening soon for next program! Will be 10 weeks long

Time: We will meet live virtually as a group every week via Zoom - schedule up soon!

Group size: 6-10 women  

Application: This is a highly curated group of women and is through application only *link to apply is at the bottom of this page* 

Cost: Set up an application call and receive pricing details *link to apply is at the bottom of this page*  

This mastermind includes:

  • 10 weeks of virtual live group meetings  
  • Group coaching calls for targeted support
  • Weekly videos and playwork  
  • 24/7 Access to Facebook group community  

"What an incredible experience! It was such a blessing to meet so many inspiring women. It’s great to hear everyones' passions and interests and how anyone can take their ideas and create something beautiful that benefits the collective. Thank you Danielle Blum for bringing together such an amazing group. The energy was real!" - Brenda S. (Vision Mastermind attendee)  

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Facilitator Bio

My name is Danielle Blum and I am an Intuitive Business Coach and the Founder and CEO of World Nativ. World Nativ is a platform that connects minds locally and globally to support individuals in a variety of ways through entrepreneurship and personal development. My soul’s purpose is to support the awakening of individuals in finding their light and gifts to share with the world and then creating a community to magnify our efforts for global change.  

I traveled around the world for many years living in Spain, Thailand, and Cambodia. Upon returning, I developed a strong vision of what I wanted to bring into the world. I had no idea how to make it into a reality and I felt stuck and scared that it would not come to life. I thought that I needed other people to make it happen since I wasn’t yet “savvy in entrepreneurship." I spent many nights wondering if I would ever figure this out.  

Throughout this journey I have continued to trust my heart and intuition above all. This was what guided everything. I truly believe that the foundation of all creation is mastering our connection to something greater than ourselves. Today I am celebrating that my company has had thousands of entrepreneurs move through our network, and we've generted multiple 5-figure launches and months (and even 5-figure weeks)! We have curated hundreds of experiences for personal and professional growth, and we have had countless opportunities for abundance and connection for those in our community.

I have been able to master the art of rapid manifestation for my business and for my personal life. I’ve studied energetic and intuitive work for over 13 years and have had the opportunity to teach to students from countries all over the world.  

I am so grateful for this life and know that the most important thing is to learn how to fully embrace every moment and live in our most vulnerable truth.  

I am looking forward to this mastermind group with other female leaders and seeing what we can co-create together.


"Danielle's intuitive business coaching session changed my life! I'm so grateful for the transformation I've experienced in such a short period of time. Danielle's ability to tap into the higher mind allows a person to see who they really are and reminds them to step into the best versions of themselves. The energy work removed all that was blocking me in my buisness. There was a complete shift as soon as I listened to her guidance. I'm now living my dream life in complete harmony with God's divine plan. I'm forever grateful to you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

- Nina

"My experience with Danielle Blum one-on-one has been game changing for my business. She helped me create an idea into real life experiences. She has the tools, inspiration and believes in your business in a way that leads you to success."

- Breeane M. (Vision Mastermind attendee)

"Amazing group last night. The energy was so pure and positive and full of genuine love. The women there were so genuine that I will be coming back because the experience will stay with me for a long time and this group of women are so wonderful and want to help other, it's truly amazing." 

- Lizz J. 

“So potent. I am floating along in gratitude and overflow. And you coming into my life has been a blessing I remember every day. Just knowing I'm working with you and feeling so aligned is something that has up-leveled my confidence and reminded me what I'm capable of.”  

- Melanie

"After the event ended, I was glowing with optimism and a burning motivation to keep trekking on with my path. To be able to connect and learn from like-minded individuals with a lot of experience under their belt at this event was #fuckingmagic! The people at Pineapple Project and World Nativ are some pretty amazing people driven by love and the need to empower our millennial generation. The diversity in the room was also #fuckingmagic from shamans to a TedX speaker, everyone was completely genuine and pineapple perfect :)" 

- Chelsea M.  

"Another amazing night vibrating on a whole 'nother level with my World Nativ ladies. #whoruntheworld Can't wait for the next one!" 

- Christina  

"I did want to drop you a quick note to say what a catalyst the last Vision Mastermind was for me and share a bit of good news. I am getting published by a huge health and wellness site this month, finished my eBook and have been substantially growing my audience over the past month and I don't think I would have had anywhere near as much momentum as I do without your mastermind! So thank you for that. It's pretty incredible what you're doing. I think the energy in the room and the support I felt from the women I met with as well as really amazing ideas motivated me to get moving on things. Also, since what I'm doing is so new, just the encouragement I got that I'm moving in the right direction pushed me over the past month to continue on." 

-Ava (Vision Mastermind attendee)  

"Check out one of the most inspiring and motivated leaders on the planet bringing together entrepreneurs from all over the world. By following your heart and dreams you are impacting the lives of countless people. Your ripple of love is a game changer. So proud to call you a dear friend and ally on this Earth." 

- Mike Paige  

"So stoked to see the exciting things Danielle is doing with World Nativ! We are so lucky to have her helping to grow our entrepreneurial success in Encinitas and North County!"

- Tasha, City Council Mayor of Encinitas, California  

“Danielle is a fantastic coach that has encouraged and empowered me during these past few months, giving me perspective to overcome my fears and trust in the vision that is unfolding. I have had numerous unreal opportunities that I definitely have to credit her for helping me see that I have everything in me to step up and reach my full potential - now. She is a bright light of wisdom and passion for her craft of shining a light on the networks and possibilities at your fingertips when you choose to voice your purpose and dedicate your efforts in the service of your ambitions. I highly recommend Danielle as a guide to become your best with this trustworthy gem of a woman!” 

- Abigail Jones  

"When I hired Danielle, I was confused about my next steps for my budding business, and I was beginning to feel overwhelmed. Her coaching has helped me pull out the essence of what I want to bring to the world, and how to convey my authenticity to my potential clients. The exercises have created clarity for me and I now have confidence in the path forward to lay the foundation for my thriving business. Danielle is a fearless firestarter ready to ignite the spark in all of us to live the life of our dreams. I highly recommend her services!" 

- Sherri McCusker  

"Danielle Blum's #WorldNativ Wild Women's Leadership Mastermind tonight was OFF THE CHAIN! There is a powerful shift happening amongst women who mastermind, circle, collaborate & collectively pool resources. If you're a San Diego/SoCal local then please don't sleep on any of her upcoming masterminds, business accelerators, incubators or one-on-one Intuitive Business Coaching sessions!”

- Danielle Mckinney  

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